Natural Treatment for Cancer

Posted on September 24, 2010



Hydrogen Peroxide :   A Safe Alternative 

 Natural Approach

H2O2  inhale through mouth    buy it at WalMart, no where else.  They don;t load it with fillers that could harm you. I inhale the peroxide into my mouth (not the nose) to 7 or 8 times a day. I used a nasal spray pump. With each inhale I would pump the pump about 10 times. This went on for four months. I now pump 5 times with each inhale and 7 inhales every day. My PSA blood tests say I am clean now.”

Bill believes that you need to give the peroxide at his dosage (5 pumps, 6 times a day) 2-4 weeks to see results for viruses that have been in the bloodstream for some time (ie., lingering viruses). Cancer takes about a month, but you would need to continue the therapy for 3-4 months. Apparently any and all viruses cannot survive in an oxygen enriched environment. Try Bill’s technique for cancer, general health, sore muscles, etc., Any time he has a muscle spasm from working too hard in the garden, he takes out his pump and inhales peroxide. Within one minute, the muscle spasm stops — it’s that fast!

1. Buy a nasal pump (see photo) at your local drug store. A generic nasal decongestant should do the trick… just make sure it pumps a fine mist.

2. Buy 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. The 3% hydrogen peroxide that you find at your local drugstore does contain additives and is not recommended for internal use, but this is what Bill has used for the past 12 years. Please do your research on this subject or email Bill for more information. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is dangerous if not properly diluted. See Page 1 for dangers. In fact, one reader had a frightening experience with food grade (see the Nays below).

Here are 2 interesting articles for follow up info on food grade peroxide: grade

3. Empty out the contents of the nasal pump and sterilize the bottle with hot soapy water. Make sure you then rinse out all the soap.

4. Fill the empty, sterilized nasal pump with 3% peroxide.

5. Point bottle at the back of your throat and, on a sharp inhale, pump the spray 6 times.

DO NOT INHALE IT UP THE NOSE!! (People misread Bill’s instructions from time to time and spray it up the nostrils!!)

6. Do this 4-6 times a day. If you are trying to get rid of a virus, pump every 2 hours or so.

It should take about 36 – 48 hours to get rid of a virus. If it’s an insipid virus that’s been in your blood for some time, it may take up to 2 weeks. For other conditions like cancer, well, we’re not sure. We are waiting for more reader feedback to come in, so please make sure you let us know how it goes!