Sleeping Beauty

Posted on September 21, 2010



Have you ever wondered how Sleeping Beauty captured the heart of her prince?  The secert was behind her many years of beauty rest.  It did wonders for her looks! Sleep is the perfect medicine that  heals and transforms our bodies everytime we indulge ourselves in it.
Amazing things happen to your body while you sleep. Damaged cells, including skin, are repaired, the immune system is revitalized and energy and brain power are recharged as you rest. Even sleeping beauties need an occasional boost in the tender loving care department, especially after daily battles with beasts like sun damage, air pollution, stress and Father Time.
restore your body to its crowning glory with these overnight treatments:

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* Be fair to your face. Keep your complexion fair by removing your makeup before retiring to the royal chambers. Pre-moistened makeup remover pads make the task simple. Wash your face with a cleanser for your skin type, but be gentle. Brisk rubbing only irritates skin. A soft washcloth or your bare hands will suffice. Follow with a good moisturizer. Bedtime is prime time to use wrinkle-fighting creams with vitamin A or retinol since they can make your skin sun-sensitive.

* Reverse the acne curse. The one thing worse than a witch’s curse is a zit. Since bacteria and oil cause breakouts, treating pimples at bedtime with a product containing an antibacterial ingredient like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can dry them up while you sleep. No acne treatment on hand? A dab of toothpaste (not gel) can work in a pinch. If you have chronic acne problems, visit a dermatologist who specializes in Black skin care. Above all, resist the urge to pop.

* Treat hands and feet. Pretty hands and feet are trademarks of a true princess. Prevent chipped nails and raggedy cuticles by rubbing them with olive oil, vitamin E oil or sweet almond oil before bedtime. To soften rough hands and feet, slather on petroleum jelly, cocoa butter or shea butter and wear cotton gloves and socks to bed.

* Rest your pretty head. A good pillow provides you with a good night of beauty sleep. Down pillows are excellent because they conform to the shape of your head and neck for customized support. Don’t forget the satin pillowcases. Satin lets your hair sweep across the pillow, which keeps your lovely mane looking fresh, and it’s the perfect fabric for a princess.

* Make your lips irresistible. Prince Charming may be reluctant to wake his sleeping beauty with a morning kiss when she has chapped lips. At night, remove dead, flaky skin by lathering lips with petroleum jelly and gently scrubbing them with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Afterward, cover lips with petroleum jelly or a moisturizing lip balm to keep them irresistible.

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