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Posted on August 23, 2010


Reverse the Curse

Everyone experienced great results (Hypertension, Diabetes, Pain, Cancer, etc.) with MSM, Coral Calcium, Vitamin “C”, etc. after 3 weeks or more!

Well I’ve been introduced to an amazing new Redox Signaling Molecules product where people have experienced results within “Days”.

You may choose to take advantage of this amazing product to assist your body’s own natural ability to heal itself on literally a cellular level and/or as a business opportunity. Either way, you will not be disappointed!

Take some time and watch the Testimonials, and go to to see what doctors have to say about the product.

“Helping to Heal The World In A Very Special Way”

Read Testimonials From Hawaii Below:

Sharon L. (Keaau, HI) – I suffer from Fibromyalgia, pinched nerves from a herniated disc, planters fasciitis, degenerative bone disease, TMJ and Lymphoma Tumors. After taking 2 oz. of ASEA I slept through the night for the first time in years. My pain level was at 7-8 most days and I needed to take pain meds and naps throughout the day. Now after only 60 days on ASEA, my pain levels are around 3-4 and now I have energy to spare right up until bedtime. Also, the most exciting part is that the weight and inches are coming off. I have lost a whole clothes size! Thank you ASEA!
Destiny L. 3 years old fell down a flight of lava rock steps face first on a Wednesday. The doctors couldn’t see her until Friday morning. In the meantime, her parents cleaned her face up as best they could and started spraying ASEA on face 6 times per day. On Thursday there was scabbing and on Friday they took her to the doctors and the nurse there said theta there was no way that it happened on Wednesday because it looked so good already and with NO scarring at all.

Edward H. Hilo, HI. Was diagnosed with Leptospirosis and was in the hospital 1-1/2 months, in and out of comas and on life support. He woke up and a friend gave him 4 oz. of ASEA, another 4 oz. that night and another 4 oz. the following morning. He was released the day after with NO TRACE of Lepto found in his system. The next Sunday he went grocery shopping and attended canoe race meetings.

Lois L. Hawaiian Paradise Park HI, Has Rumatoid arthritis and damaged spinal disc fibromyalgia as well as other conditions. Was sleeping on the floor and then husband needs to help pick her up. She usually ended her day at 2PM and needed a wheel chair to get around, after drinking only 2 oz and 1 day later felt fine. Now she goes from 6am till 6pm no problem. Also, doesn’t need a wheel chair, doesn’t sleep on the floor anymore and is off medications. Kids say, Thanks for giving us our mom back. She also states that she spent $5000 out of pocket for (5) $1000 shots for pain that didn’t work at all.

John an electrician injured his back on a construction job (got twisted while performing his work). John has had a number of back surgeries due to his accident and has been in pain and disabled since that time, back in 2000. We have known John about 6 years and have never known him to be pain free until ASEA came into his life. After using ASEA for a short time, John has remained pain free, and is most excited about sharing this product with everyone. He began with 2 to 4 ounces, but it wasn’t enough, so he went up to 6 ounces per day before he got relief. After remaining on 6 ounces of ASEA for a time, he went back to 4 ounces and is still pain free. He also says that ASEA is worth every penny he’s spent just to be pain free after suffering for ten years with no hope in sight.

Desiree Berrigan (Kurtistown, HI) – I am 52 years old and I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Myofascial Syndrome. For years, every morning I woke up with a pounding headache and feeling sick to my stomach. I would take a handful of medications first thing and go back to bed for an hour or so to give them time to kick in. I dreaded standing up because the pain in my feet felt like a million little needles stabbing the bottoms. Im told the feeling is similar to gout, it is incredibly painful. If I was lucky, I would start my day. Some days I could not get out of bed at all. Now that I am drinking ASEA, not only do I stand up without any pain in my feet, I don’t wake up with a headache. I actually forget to take my pain medication until later in the day because I feel great and full of energy. Something I thought I would never feel again. And all of this is after only trying two ounces of ASEA for one week!

Debee & Paul (Keaau, HI) – First, my husband noticed that his heart burn and indigestion disappeared. He stopped taking the prescribed medication he had, he doesn’t need it anymore. Second, for both of us, we noticed joint relief. My hands were feeling what I think were arthritic like symptoms, and I was really thinking about getting it checked out. After a little more than a week on ASEA the soreness had gone and the mobility had returned. We use it to spray everything.

It seems too good to be true but, we have experienced pain disappearing and skin changing after spraying ASEA on. I saw a cut on someone heal within a short amount of time after spraying directly on it. We did not change anything else in our life except for taking ASEA.

Taylor Summers (Big Isle, HI) – Although I was skeptical I gave ASEA a try with no expectations. Within a week I frantically called my source requesting another bottle before I ran out. I noticed many improvements in my health after a few days. I have not had any anxiety attacks and have not taken my anxiety medication. I also doubled the number of repetitions I did on my workout, I was experiencing backaches and going to the Chiropractor, now my back pain is gone and my energy level is up while my mood is level. Normally, when I work a night shift it takes me 48 hours to recover, but after drinking ASEA I have been able to work all night and continue on for part of the day on only 1 hour of sleep and still be alert and energetic. One night, after eating oranges, my mouth broke out in canker sores, so I sprayed ASEA in my mouth and when I woke they were all gone. I pinched my finger and it was extremely painful so I sprayed ASEA on it and the pain went away immediately. Try it, you may benefit in ways you cannot imagine.

Jr. Keliihoomalu (Pahoa, HI) – Our son fell into a lava crack and was pretty scraped up. He came home and my wife, Cynthia, sprayed ASEA on it. They both watched it heal right before their eyes! Cynthia has sensitive skin and had developed a rash on her face that she had for over a week. She started spraying ASEA on her face and in two days it was completely gone. She is also sleeping better at night. My daughter’s co-worker, who paddle boards, had fallen on his board. He was pretty bruised-up and scrapes/bruises looked awful still after a week. My daughter sprayed ASEA on his arm and within 2 days his skin had regenerated to a normal skin color. I had suffered constantly from severe headaches and was taking pain medicine for relief. Upon taking ASEA for the first time, I noticed that my headache went away immediately. I was amazed. ASEA keeps the headaches away and I am no longer on any pain medication. ASEA seems good for everybody.

Bobbie Frey (Keaau, HI) – I had been taking ASEA for about 1-1/2 months and taking 3 oz. daily when I decided that the garage needed a good cleaning out. It was filthy! I needed to move lots of different items such as bicycles, a lawn mower, ladder, large bags of dog food, etc. It took me two days as I did 1/2 the job on each day. When I was finished, I called my family over to see and they were just amazed! A week ago I also started exercising on my tread mill, 1 mile per day. I feel good and I don’t get tired. I am an 81 year great-grandma and feeling strong.
Samantha wrote: I injured my back 4 years ago. I was given injections into my back but that did not help. I also received pain medication which did not help. I began to have numbness in one of my legs. The medical bills were adding up to more than I could pay for and we had not found the source of the problem. After more tests it was narrowed down to be a back or hip problem. One doctor prescribed an MRI just to be certain. Well, they found over 60 lesions on my brain. This created more confusion and more pain medications were prescribed. But they did not work anymore. After 3 doctors and lots of tests, there were no results, but lots of pain. About this time, a friend of mine called me about ASEA and said what have you got to lose? It may do wonders! I tried it because I trust this person. I drank 4 oz. the first day. On the second day, I felt less pain and numbness in my leg. The next two days were amazing! I had more energy, I wasn’t in any pain. It has been a week now and all is great. When I walked into my work, people who knew about my condition asked what had magically happened. I will keep you posted but must say, Thanks ASEA

Vernon R Upcountry, Maui. As for me I have been taking Asea for about seven months. I play basketball for a 40 and over league and usually after a game it used to take about two to three days for the stiffness and swelling of my knee to go down. As of now by the next day I am already good to go! Taking Asea has also improved certain health aspects of my life such as my blood pressure in which my numbers have decreased.
Kaylee R Upcountry, Maui. For me Asea was something that my parents sort of just handed to me right before I went back to college from Winter Break and told me to take it. While in college I used it to spray my face for acne as well as take it for daily. I run every morning and I have noticed that I now can go farther and my recovering time is so much faster. Besides running I also do other exercises that involve doing pull-ups as well as weightlifting which causes blisters on my hands. I used Asea to treat a broken blister and within two days it was already healed. Asea for me is something that I keep in my dorm room on Oahu and it is always in my refrigerator at home on Maui!

Curt T since being on Asea before I only used to be able to work out about one day a week and then be sore for about three days. Now I am able to work out five days a week with little soreness. I am also able to recover from the workouts quicker. In addition to this I am also a Type 2 Diabetic, my numbers are better and I have more energy. Asea is simply just a good thing and it’s helping people, which is the main thing.

Whitney C – I am from Kailua-Kona, HI, but I currently live on Maui. I have taken ASEA since October 2009 and noticed huge results. I was told that ASEA works in all aspects of health, and that there also had been studies showing that it can increase an athlete’s VO2 max by 12%. Being that I’m a CrossFit trainer, and training (myself) is part of my everyday life, I was pretty excited to hear about this product. Within the first couple weeks of taking 4oz, I could already notice a huge difference in my endurance, as well as energy levels. Having to train people every day, and also fitting in some time for myself to get in a workout, I started to feel run down. After taking ASEA, I didn’t feel rundown anymore. I run 3-5 miles every day, and one day I ran 9 miles. Normally I would be a little stiff and tired later that day, and even the next day, but I was totally fine and ready to do more. I have been taking ASEA for 9 months now, and I continue to see improvements in my endurance, recovery, and energy. I also absolutely love the spray bottle, I continuously spray my face throughout the day, and so far this has been the best product (in my opinion) for my skin, I don’t use anything else on my face.

Lane F. (Wailuku, HI) – My wife had bone spurs which made it uncomfortable when we travel. Once she started taking Asea internally and also spraying her feet, the pain went away. When we came back from our last trip, we both caught a cold. She went to the doctors to get a congestion medication. Her blood pressure has always been slightly above borderline and nothing that we have taken has really helped. When she went to the doctor to get her medication, they took her blood pressure and when the doctor saw her readings, he was very impressed and told her so. He asked what she had been doing differently and she replied that she started taking Asea. I started noticing that when I started to take Asea first thing in the morning and waited to take my normal supplements 15 minutes after taking it, my energy level was at a high level. I started noticing that I naturally increased my level of physical activities.


E from Honolulu – I’ve had numbness and tingling in my hands, shoulders and feet for 20 years or so. It would usually come about at night 3-4 times a week. When I’m trying to go to sleep it would also wake me up in the middle of the night whenever this happened. I would have to take ibuprofen and massage myself to sleep. I’ve been taking Asea for 2 1/2 months now. From the first day of taking Asea, I haven’t had any numbness or tingling. I haven’t done anything else differently in my lifestyle or diet so I believe that it is because of Asea that my numbness is gone!
Awesome asthma testimonial – Aloha!

My name is Tex Guting. I was introduced to Asea by Wendy Gima. I have asthma. Wendy and I practice Kempo Karate with Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association in Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii. Back in April even though I was attending practices, I never told anyone I have asthma. I was using my inhaler more than necessary. In fact, I even ran out of it in the middle of the month and had to get another prescription. Wendy contacted me and told me about Asea and to look at the website. I told her I would give it a shot as I wanted relief from being short of breath.
I would say after two weeks I was feeling better and I wasn’t short of breath when practicing kempo during class. It has been close to two and a half months since using Asea. I am now jogging up to three miles with a weight vest weighing about twenty pounds to get a more intense workout and no sign of asthma occurs. I still carry my inhaler just in case, but I never had to use it. Thanx Asea and all who are involved.
I have another friend out in Kapolei that I shared ASEA with. She has diabetes. Because she wasn’t taking meds, her numbers were above 300. After the first day taking ASEA her numbers dropped below 250!

Cecelia M. – Eczema totally cleared up in less than 5 days on Asea. Severe allergies since 12 years of age that would hospitalize or incapacitate her for days can now be managed with a few ounces of Asea and she can go about her day regularly

Damien A. Documented proof from Kaiser Doctors showing the results of no blood pressure medication and JUST ASEA. BP usually in the 150 range ON medication, on Asea for a week and a half and no meds for 4 days was 127. Resting heart rate dropped from a high 95 beats per minute to 65.

David N. Also has documentation from his doctor of the first decline in blood pressure/cholesterol in YEARS. Only difference is Asea. Asea has dropped his cholesterol over 60 points in less than 2 months. 2 siblings on the Leeward Coast taking mood stabilizers and anti depressants are now off their medication and only on Asea with dramatic results.

Ipo A. – Diabetes, arthritis and major fatigue and energy problems spraying Asea on her joints took arthritis pain away. Diabetes sores on her toes nearly completely gone. Due to poor circulation she could not feel the bottom of her feet and would often think she was walking outside with slippers on when she was barefoot. For the first time in a very long time she can actually feel her feet again. She also would get up at 2pm everyday majorly fatigued, on Asea she gets up with full energy at 7:30 every morning. Soooo many amazing testimonies come out from Waianae: A young man from Waianae with cancerous growths on neck that were expanding at a rapid rate has seen the tumors diminish being on Asea.

Cassie W. (Waianae, HI) – Asea helped bring her blood sugar (she has diabetes) down from 200 to 119 and helped her have consistent bowel movements (she would previously have a movement once every week to 2 weeks!) In addition she does hardcore Tahitian dancing and would normally deal with muscle soreness and difficulty walking the next day, however on Asea relieved her muscle pain AND allowed her to dance for hours without discomfort Bridget A. (Waianae, HI) – High blood pressure brought down and edema (water swelling) issues relieved. Energy level boosted greatly and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) issues resolved (able to have normal movements without the aid of pills now!)
Kehau P. (Waianae, HI) – Psoriasis issues majorly, spraying Asea daily and drinking 4 oz gave tremendous relief, Also lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks and a total of 25 pounds her 6 weeks on Asea. Energy level greatly increased.

Fred S. (Waianae, HI) – After 3 days on the product Fred S going for his PhD commented that he had never had such mental focus and clarity on top of his vision being improved so much he could go without his contacts.

Bob L. (Waianae, HI) – For 7 days straight before taking Asea Bob had been running a 200 point blood pressure and was given an advisory from his doctor. 2nd day on Asea his blood pressure dropped to 125 then stabilized at 140.

Kitty G. (Honolulu, HI) – For her whole adult life she had never gotten 8 full hours of sleep, she commented that she frequently got up during the night and her day would often start at 3am. After 3 days on the product Kitty slept “like a baby” for 8 hours and continues to get this kind of quality sleep.

Patrice W. (Kaneohe, HI) – had an injured arm when she came to see Asea for the first time. After 2 ounces of Asea she noticed her arm was remarkably better the next day and wanted a bottle ASAP. I noticed after only a few days on Asea that her lower GI tract went through a strong detox. With Asea, she is no longer suffering from constipation and is now experiencing improved mental clarity and focus.

Hi! My name is Gwen Thomas, I am very healthy & 85 years young tomorrow. We have lived in Portland, Oregon for 48 years. I have one Son, Ray who is on the call and I am proud to say is busily involved in ASEA. I also have 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Here is my story. I have been struggling with my vision for about 15 years because of a cataract on my right eye. My vision was very blurred. I see things through a thick white cloud. I began taking ASEA 5 months ago. I am drinking ASEA and spraying it in my eyes and on my face. About 3 weeks ago I noticed my vision had improved a great deal. You see, I had been looking through a thick white cloud. What a blessing to have that white cloud gone. I am eagerly looking forward to 20/20 vision soon. I wear magnifying glasses only to read fine print. I have also been spraying ASEA on my face. My skin glows and is as soft as satin. I have wrinkles from squinting to see, and they are diminishing. I was in Fabric Depot last Thursday and a young lady remarked, I thought you were about 55. I thanked her for the compliment.

I showed a bottle of ASEA to my Chiropractic Clinical Kinesiologist when I began taking it. He was very impressed with ASEA. Signed up and is ordering 10 cases at a time for his patients.
I Love ASEA. It is a one of a kind product. I want to thank Larry & Laura Morris for introducing me to ASEA! Thank you for having me on the call.

Hey Guys, Many thanks to some of you for your phone calls and encouragement to Jennifer, she has MS and now has seen many wonder things change in her life since being on ASEA for only two weeks. Her energy level has increased dramatically and she now has feeling in her feet, which hasn’t been the case for many years now. She has been spraying ASEA on a growth near her stomach area. In a short time the growth has reduced by 50 percent. This lady could almost be a poster child to help others with MS. All I can say is Praise God for Jennifer’s new lease on life! Her attitude is great, and she’s willing to join in with our team and do 3 ways if called on.
After I shipped her a case of ASEA, she said, “I wonder if David has gone crazy!” Then she thought, “Oh well, I’ll try it, it can’t hurt anything!” We had a good laugh after she shared all this with me later.
Because she is so excited for all the many things that have improved in her life, today she will come on board with a 4 case order. In a few days she has plans to go on auto ship in order to purchase a retail 10 pack. Her first goal is to help others and let the money take care of its self.

Sharon Penner for Misty W. from Benton IL- That time of month for me, so I got my first shipment of ASEA yesterday late afternoon, and I took my first ounce of ASEA, I really liked it… Last night I did not have any problems, and I thought this is weird… it lasted all night about 3:30 this morning and I woke up with pain in ovaries and swelling, reached for ADVIL… 20 minutes later ADVIL had not helped…. took an ounce of ASEA and in less than 5 minutes everything was gone…. and it lasted all day long until just a little while ago, it was starting the lower back cramps again, and pain in my ovaries and swelling so I took another oz of Asea and in 5 minutes all my pain was gone. And went to bed and slept and it lasted all day until about 3:30 and gradually the pain started coming again and about 6:15 could not take any more of the pain so I took another ounce of ASEA and within 5 minutes all female discomfort was gone….. Normally on my first day I do not touch a bite of food… I cannot eat. …

This morning I had my oatmeal, and at 3 had an avocado and with a couple slices of cheese for lunch and for supper had some summer sausage with a few slices of cheese, and normally I do not eat a bite of food because I am nauseous with cramps and stuff….
This is unbelievable all my pain, swelling and cramping is gone…  Within less than five minutes, all female discomfort was gone – from now on I will reach for the ASEA instead of the ADVIL…..
It just tasted like plain water to me, but this morning after the ADVIL and took the ASEA it did have a bad taste– now the ASEA lasted me all day…no pain and swelling until about 3:30 pm it started coming on again, then it gradually started getting worse until 5:00 and then I took another ounce of ASEA and within 5 minutes it was all completely gone.

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