Healthy Eyes

Posted on July 16, 2010



               You only get 1 set so you better take care of them

All Eyes on You

Do you have trouble seeing things up close, like newspaper print or your dinner menu? You’re not alone. Many people experience this problem as part of a common age-related change in eyesight called presbyopia. The symptoms can be bothersome, but there are things you can do to manage them.

We all experiences at least some degree of presbyopia as they get older, so it’s fitting that the term literally means “old eye” in Greek. As you grow older the lenses in your eyes become harder and less flexible over time, and the tiny muscles that control and support the lenses lose strength. Together, these technical difficulties make it harder for the lenses to focus light on the retinas, where it should be. Instead, with presbyopia, light is focused behind the retinas, making it harder to focus on up-close objects.

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